Aydin Bird


  1. With the redevelopment of Aydin Bird’s North Tower Office Aydin Bird ceased it operations effective April 30, 2019.
  2. Kurt Aydin has merged his practice with Bell Alliance Lawyers effective May 1, 2019. ( Bell Alliance 201-1367 West Broadway Vancouver BC V6H-4A7- 604-873-8723 ) Kurt Aydin, kaydin@bellalliance.ca
  3. August 15, 2020 Kurt Aydin has retired from the practice of Law however office email to kaydin@bellalliance.ca will still be responded to by Bell Alliance office.
  4. Personal email to Kurt Aydin should now be sent to kurtaydin604@gmail.com or telephone 604-726-5828.
  5. Other members of Aydin Bird can be contacted at Bell Alliance as follows:
    1. Anthony Li-Lam ali-lam@bellalliance.ca
    2. and Grace Kung gkung@bellalliance.ca ( Bell Alliance 201-1367 West Broadway Vancouver BC V6H-4A7 - 604-873-8723 )
    3. Geoff Bird, Eric Shipman. Rui Feng, Angeli Ferrer, Vanesa Chung at BBL Lawyers at 210-1245 West Broadway 604-264-7038.
    4. Florence Yen at Kits Law 330- 1785 West 4th Avenue Vancouver 604-807-5652.